8chan and the Battle for Free Speech

    Make no mistake, folks. We're in a real battle for the minds of people. No, it's not the type of battle where bullets zing overhead, but the fighting is real.

    After the El Paso Walmart shooting, now the 8chan site is under attack.

    There's a concerted effort to link 8chan to hate crimes.

    For those who don't know, 8chan is a site that allows true free speech without moderation, and this is offensive to many people because sometimes individuals say stupid things. It's just a part of the human condition.

    Yet this freedom is why Q chose this site to post his messages to us on.

    Now the media is claiming that because the El Paso Walmart shooter posted a manifesto on there prior to his rampage (although, the time stamp would appear it was posted later), all of 8chan should be shunned because of the actions of one person. This is just one more example of the many being punished for the sins of one.

    After pressure from the mainstream media, Cloudflare has succumbed to this mentality and decided to end their business relationship with 8chan. At the time I'm writing this, 8chan is down, but I'm confident it won't stay that way for long.

    In Cloudflare's blog post on this move, they hate on 8chan all the while they are denouncing 8chan for hatred. Anyone else see the irony in this?

    Cloudflare claims this is all done because they support the "Rule of Law." Another irony. Their definition of this term shows a woeful ignorance of what it means: to apply the same standard to all so everyone is treated equally under the law.

    How is singling out 8chan for special treatment fulfilling the "Rule of Law"? It isn't.

    Not everyone is fooled, though. The comments prove some are awake to what's really going on. This isn't about any real concern for law, but it's really about silencing those who disagree with the "official" narrative.

    "In this blog post, Cloudflare even admits that this decision was not about whether 8ch violated the law. They've denied service to 8ch, simply because they believe 8ch has 'created an environment that revels in violating [the law's] spirit.'"

    In other words, 8chan allows users to say things they don't like.

    As with guns, if someone is set on committing an act of terror, laws won't keep them from doing it. If someone wants to post a hateful manifesto (sorry, I haven't read it yet, so I apologize if I'm not characterizing it correctly), they'll find a way to do it. Laws only restrain law-abiding people--not crazies.

    And then there's the cry that there's no moderation on 8chan...but yet, the shooter's post ws removed in under 10 minutes. Does anyone remember the Christchurch livestream that remained active for 45 minutes before Facebook took it down? Oh, such an inconvenient truth, huh? The calls to vilify 8chan are exposed again.

    So, will this work? Will Cloudflare's decision to cut ties with 8chan spell the end of 8chan and one of the last bastions of free speech on the Internet?

    Pepe's Ghost and I agree.


    We'll find a way. Somehow.



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