Manifesto FIRST POSTED on INSTAGRAM--NOT on 8chan!!!

    Before 8chan went down, I saw posts about the timestamp on the manifesto of the El Paso shooter being AFTER the shooting. Of course, I was too busy at the time to download the info so I could study it. Rats!

    But today I was given the link to this video by the OWNER of 8chan that confirmed the manifesto post on 8chan was NOT by the original poster. It was done for research purposes by an Anon, and that's why the timestamp was AFTER the time of the shooting. The shooter posted the original on INSTAGRAM.

    So, this whole thing about Cloudflare booting 8chan is VERY bogus! 8chan did nothing wrong!

    Here's 8chan's owner to tell you about it. (You might want to set the speed to 1.25 or 1.5. He speaks very slowly!)


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