Truthification Chronicles


  • Sue until it's blue

    Governor Scott WalkerIt's the current Democrat strategy to continue suing in Red states until the districts are changed enough to turn them blue.

    Is there no end to their tricks? But then, what else do they have? They're losing on all sides now. There's no way they can stand up under Trump's economic success, and now that the Mueller Report is out, they've lost all hope of impeachment.

    I think Scott Walker's opinion in this Fox opinion piece lays out the Democrat plan perfectly. We're going to see more lawsuits against redistricting until no more Red districts are left. Even if they fail to win the cases, it gives them more air time on the mainstream media to indoctrinate viewers.

    For their part, Democrats are sitting back counting the cash they plan to use on their trial lawyers to fund their strategy of endless litigation. Win or lose they are happy to spend their money on lawyers just for the talking points their liberal judges and academics give them to use on cable news and social media. They are more interested in winning the battle of the courtroom in front of friendly judges than winning the battle of ideas before the voters.

    Until we Republicans start using lawyers to fight back, this type of indoctrination will only continue.