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  • Military Code Changes Set the Stage

    Article screenshotI'm someone who enjoys putting together a puzzle from time to time, and this entire situation playing out in our government right now reminds me of working a large, intricate puzzle that failed to include a picture of what the finished product is supposed to look like.

    When I start a puzzle, most of the pieces have no meaning to me because I don't understand how they'll fit into the final picture. But then I do the frame and sort out pieces according to similar colors, and slowly but surely the picture starts to make more sense. At that point, I can pick up new pieces and give them general locations and, eventually, fit them into the puzzle to complete the full picture.

    Q's posts are like this. Over the past year and a half, we read his posts and, while we understood some of what he said, much of his meaning eluded us. The Autists have helped us put together many of the pieces, but there are many more left to go. As we look back now, though, we can start to see things that we missed before because we now have a much better idea of the complete picture.

    In this article, Is POTUS Using the UCMJ and MCM to Drain the Swamp?, the Anon (Ami Tiel) shows how these two documents may hold more information than we've originally understood. The day the revisions of the MCM (Manual for Courts-Martial) were posted to the Federal Register was the same day Tillerson was fired and Q posted that we should trust Sessions and gave us a BOOM!

    I think you'll enjoy the read!