The Plan to Destroy America

    Revolution pictureOkay, here we go, friends. This is a MUST READ before the election.

    A group called the Transition Integrity Project recently released a document that predicted extreme violence after the election unless Joe Biden was elected with a definitive win in both the electoral college and in the popular vote.

    Let me tell you about the people behind the report. They call themselves a "bipartisan" group, but the only "Republicans" who participated in this exercise are those who hate Trump. So, although technically, the word "bipartisan" might fit, the group was extremely biased against Trump, and that's obvious if you read their report.

    So, what did these Trump-haters do? They played a game. A role playing game. Part of them took on the role of "Team Trump," others took on "Team Biden," and others played other roles during the game. They focused on four possible scenarios.

    The first scenario was an ambiguous result on election night, or so they claim. But if you read what the proposed, it was that Trump would win that day but then there would be a "blue shift" from mail-in ballots (i.e., mail-in ballots for Biden would magically appear and none of them would be for Trump). Violence would ensue and Trump would deploy the military to stop the unrest. Of course, they saw this as a negative and they claimed the violence would come from the Right, even though there's no evidence that might happen, especially since all the violence we've been seeing lately has been from the Left.

    The second scenario was where Biden clearly won both the electoral college. This was the only scenario where the Trump-hating players felt there would be no violence. Logically speaking, this indicates that it's obvious the violence, if there is any, would come from the Left. The only time violence occurred in their game was if there was a chance Biden might lose. So, it appears they revealed their plan to stop Trump's election by any means possible.

    The third scenario was labeled, "A clear Trump win." However, if you read on, you see it says that in this Trump-hating scenario, he only won the electoral college and Biden won the popular vote. There was no scenario where there was a decisive Trump win in both the electoral college AND the popular vote. In fact, throughout the report, it is clear they hate the electoral college and want to do away with it so us pesky voters in fly-over country can't stop them from getting their way to turn our country into a communist nation.

    The Biden campaign would, of course, ask Democrat governors in key states to demand a recount and try to push the country into a Constitutional crisis. This organization saw that as a good thing.

    The final scenario was a narrow Biden win (see what I mean about no scenario for a decisive Trump win in both the electoral college and the popular vote?). This one got brutal, involving even Mitch McConnell and other Republicans turning on Trump, Barr stopping the counting of ballots, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff leaking internal memos to try to sway the results.

    Now, remember, every single person who participated in this game was a Trump-hater. One of the organizers, Rosa Brooks, is buddy-buddy with George Soros. I'm not totally sure how to categorize the document. Either it's laying out their dream of the only way they could defeat Trump, or it's a confession to illegal tactics they've used in past elections or are planning on using in this election. Every action the Trump team took was not at all in the character of Trump or his team, and relied heavily on deception and illegality. All the Biden team were so virtuous they had halos.

    So, why bother with a document such as this? Because I believe these are the marching orders for their minions for after the election. This is their call to action to tell their followers how to cause the most chaos no matter how the election turns out (well, again, except for an overwhelming Trump win in the popular vote and the electoral college). In other words, their plan is to cause massive violence to give them enough time to forge a sufficient amount of ballots to give Biden a win. If Biden doesn't win, they won't concede the election. Ever.

    Now, combine those tactics with a group called Defeat Disinfo, which is using DARPA artificial intelligence to silence anyone who supports Trump on social media (the head guy says it's because he doesn't like people supporting Trump, is that a reason to silence anyone with Conservative views???). When we make statements of fact backed up with real evidence, they'll claim it's disinfo and tag or remove our posts. Even now, I've posted things before that were factual and documented and they claimed they weren't. There's no appeal, no way to get that removed from a post. And their "fact checkers" are Trump-haters as well.

    Imagine if in the next few weeks that all posts (or even the majority of posts) that support Trump and use factual evidence were suddenly censored in this way. They've already done it to so many. What if all the pro-Trump groups suddenly find their groups removed? What if pro-Trump personalities with millions of followers suddenly find their posts won't show to anyone? It's already happening.

    On Twitter just today I discovered Twitter's analytics says I haven't sent a single tweet this month, even though it shows those non-existent posts have garnered 20.3K impressions. How's that work?

    Make no mistake. This isn't about truth. It's all about a narrative. A story. What they believe people want to hear (itching ears). Those on the Left believe if they repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it. Don't fall for the lies. Do your own research. Check the facts for yourself. Don't just listen to short sound bites, but listen to them in context. I don't know how may people repeat the Left's lies about Trump because all they've heard is a carefully selected and edited sound bite that suits the Left's narrative. Anyone can make anyone else say whatever they want if they've got an adept editor. Like the Bible says, Judas went and hanged himself. Go and do thou likewise. Obviously, the Bible does indeed say these two things, but never together and you have to take them way out of context to do something like this. Context is vital. If you hear a clip of President Trump and it sounds awful, rest assured you are listening to a clip that's been manipulated to sound differently than it was in the real context.

    With all this said, here's the document itself so you can read it on your own. Just remember this was a game they played and all the players hate Trump. When you understand that, you see this as their Trump Derangement Syndrome showing as it permeates all their decisions throughout the game.


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