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FBI Raid in Pete's South Bend

So, what’s the FBI doing in Pete Buttigieg’s South Bend? Gotta wonder what was in those boxes they removed!


Gohmert on Mueller: Bulger & Weldon

Over a year ago, Louie Gohmert wrote a treatise on Robert Mueller. Just in case you missed the report, here’s the first part that deals with Mueller’s involvement with Whitey Bulger and how Mueller’s FBI and the liberal organization CREW took down Republican Representative Curt Weldon by a bogus “investigation.” Click HERE for full series playlist.

Two Steins and a Wexner

Check out the connection between Jeffrey Epstein and Dianne Feinstein.

Wise Guy Tweets!!!

President Trump’s comments in response to a tweet about the breaking at Elijah Cummings’ home in Baltimore led me to draw a conclusion.