Truthification Chronicles


New 9/11 Investigations by Fire Commissioners

It’s now been 18 years since the 9/11 attacks on US soil and it appears new investigations are kicking off to find out exactly why the three buildings collapsed.


House Oversight on Critically Ill Children

Business as usual for a House committee…using sick children as a way to bash Trump. Some of the highlights (and a real low spot) from the House Oversight committee hearing on Wednesday.

The Media's New Narrative!!!

Now that the Russian Collusion hoax has tanked and nobody’s buying that President Trump is a racist, the MSM are looking for a new narrative. Are they already stacking their ranks so they can counteract the upcoming IG report?

Flynn's Trap Revealed!!!

Flynn’s case has been riddled with oddities since it first began. Could it be that this master military strategist set a trap for the Deep State players and placed himself on the line as the bait?

Nunes & the Astroturfers!!!

Devin Nunes has decided to take on those who have smeared his name and harassed him in order to obstruct his work to expose the corruption behind the Russia Collusion Hoax. Check out the details of the lawsuit.

Silencing FREE SPEECH!!!

Today Jim Watkins was supposed to testify before the House Homeland Security Committee—but we’ll never hear what he had to say because it was all done behind closed doors. Why not let the people see the hearing? Why subpoena him instead of just asking him to appear? Is this just one more step toward silencing true free speech in our country?