The Destruction of America

For the past several years, there’s been a calculated plan to destroy the America we know and strip our country of its wealth and power. This election is all that stands in the way of that plan’s success. Will those forces win? Or will We The People stand up to stop them?


Defeat Disinfo & Main Street One

Two organizations to keep your eye on are Defeat Disinfo and Main Street One. Their tactics are clear, but few understand the threat they pose to our country.

A Calm Before...

Jack Flynn gives us good advice before we head into the final weeks of campaigning.

Lin Wood Fights Back!!!

Lin Wood stands on the front line to defend our freedom of speech, but that’s often a tough place to be.

Who Needs Science Anyway???

When it comes to making policies these days, actual science is ignored. Here is Dr. Fauci telling us a key truth that most appear to be ignoring right now.

Taxpayer WIN, Atlantic FAIL

President Trump gives the taxpayers a win over anti-America propaganda, and some info about the Atlantic article’s author you might not know.