Louie Gohmert on Mueller Series

Mueller’s involvement with Whitey Bulger and how Mueller’s FBI and the liberal organization CREW took down Republican Representative Curt Weldon by a bogus “investigation.”

Part 2 of that report discusses illegal FBI raids on Congressional members and National Security Letters that bypass our Fourth Amendment right.

Part 3 of his report reveals how our FBI, led by Robert Mueller, smeared Ted Stevens, the longest-serving GOP senator (until Orrin Hatch), and destroyed his political career on a totally bogus charge.

In Part 4 of the report, we see how Mueller’s FBI destroyed the career of Dr. Steven Hatfill with yet another false accusation.

In Part 5 of the report, we’ll see how the Mueller/Comey duo combined with Comey’s child’s godfather to take down Scooter Libby.

In Part 6 of the report, Gohmert exposes how Mueller gave preferential treatment to people and organizations that the FBI had evidence of their connections to terrorist organizations.

In Part 7 of the report, Gohmert speaks of how Mueller purged the FBI agent training of anything that might allow new agents to spot individuals who’d been radicalized by Islamic groups that might want to do Americans harm.

In this final part (Part 8) of the report, Gohmert speaks of why Mueller should have recused himself as well as his targeting of Lt. General Mike Flynn.

In April 2018, Louie Gohmert released this treatise on Robert Mueller entitled, "Mueller Unmasked". Even though it's been out for over a year, few have read it to see the criminal behavior Gohmert exposes. This series digs into the various sections of that report to reveal the behavior Representative Gohmert has known about for a long time. To view the playlist for this series, click here.