Many have asked when the arrests are going to start. They already HAVE! Although they're not the big names we're waiting for, the Swamp IS being drained--and here's proof!


One of the greatest proofs that the Q movement is real is in the unprecedented number of sealed indictments that have been placed on dockets across the US since November 2017. Is this claim of so many sealed indictments real? Or is it the product of fertile imaginations in the conspiracy community?

Shortly after the casket was removed from the cathedral during John McCain's funeral, I noticed this exchange. Why do you think the Generals were so focused on Huma Abedine giving Lindsey Graham a hug? And what kind of signal did General Kelley give Lindsey Graham? I'm interested in your thoughts on this one.

What's General Mike Flynn been doing since he signed his plea deal? Few people have taken the time to read it, but it contains some surprises.

There's a rumor going around that POTUS had to make an emergency run to the bunker recently. Did it really happen? Does the missing Marine have anything to do with it? Here's what I've dug up so far.

If you didn't watch all of the Kavanaugh hearing, here's a clip of Lindsey Graham oddly asking about military courts for traitors. Did Graham give us an important clue to when the FISA documents will be declassified?